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      What makes Answer Desk great

      We know our stuff

      Not to toot our own horn, but when it comes to the products we sell ― and make ― we know how to service them the best.

      Let's talk your way

      Need support? Our Answer Techs are available by phone, online, or in-person at a store near you. The choice is yours.

      Help with just about anything

      Whether something goes wrong or you simply need help with your technology, we offer a wide range of Answer Desk services.

      A case-by-case basis

      We know not all tech issues are the same and customize our training and support services to meet your unique needs.

      Terms and Conditions:

      This subscription entitles you to use our three Answer Desk premium services — Premium Software Support for supported product versions, Virus Removal & Protection, and Advanced PC Tune-Up. This subscription provides support for your Microsoft software on your personal devices, and we reserve the right to cancel the subscription if the services are used on other devices. We will send you a reminder near the end of the one-year subscription to renew and, if appropriate, upgrade your software.